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Campfire Groups

Meet our Leaders

Pastor Cody Morehead

Cody Morehead is the Pastor of Next Gen Ministries at HOTL. He and his wife Bethany are foster parents, and have a deep love for their dog Rufus. Cody is passionate about helping the next generation figure out how to do life better, and works hard to make sure that students understand their identity and the value that God has placed on their life.


High School Girls

Amy enjoys hooping it up. She can palm a full-sized basketball and she can also dunk! Sadly the dunk was not recorded and she retired her dunking skills after being rejected from the NBA.


High School Girls

Sharon is a lyrical genius on the mic, often selling her verses and hooks to Hillsong UNITED. She has been named the greatest ghost writer of all time.


High School Girls

Aaron loves to do cool make-up designs, as well as buy many cat related things. She is currently in a heated staring contest with our worship intern winner takes home Best Cat Fan of all Time honors! 


Middle School Girls

Hannah is among the youngest of the leaders we have, but her wisdom is far beyond her years. She often gives wonderful advice like “Don’t forget to water your houseplants” and “Drink milk from a glass not the udder”

Bethany Morehead

Middle School Girls

Bethany is a body building instructor. She has flown all over the world working with the best of the best. She entered a competition last June and lifted a world record 650 lbs on the dead lift. This is how she keeps Cody in Check


Middle School Boys

Ray is our quietest leader, he stands up for what is right and stands against injustice. He has a raspy voice at times. Wait guys… have we ever seen Ray and Batman in the same room before?


High School Boys

Kurt is the best Fortnite player we have as a leader. He is logging 40+ hours a week playing and he still has a successful marriage! There is hope yet for the gamer’s of the world!


High School Boys

Jake has a fear of going fast he would much rather take a bike ride around the block, than race in a beautiful mustang any day! He is known for staying up late and drinking gallons of bang to stay awake.


Middle School Boys

Caleb is the official basement dweller of the leaders often spending weeks on end in the basement of Cody and Bethany’s house. He once had a twitch stream with no viewers.


Worship Intern

Mark has been a cat lover from the day he was born! He has been in this staring contest for weeks with no sign of…this just in Mark blinked!!


Mascot Dog

What more can be said about Rufus that is not already displayed in this picture? He is a good boy but he secretly is the best boy!